Goddess Bliss Events

Having been a Goddess Coach for many years, I also host a variety of events to the Emerging Goddess Journey, Noble Knights, and couples who are Evolving Ecstasy. Both socials & educational events are available for men and women: lectures, workshops, retreats, dinners, parties, fundraisers, hikes, water sports, travel tours, webcasts, concerts, exhibits, receptions, and more.

Building community around empowering women is crucial to our world, now more than ever. With a preponderance of male-dominated industries and national priorities, women are needing more allies to get educated, and explore their vision for a better world. Men who are allies for women can help by hosting events at their homes, making donations to domestic violence safe houses, and generally being respectful of the women they meet everyday.

Our events help men and women practice new communication skills, improved behaviors, and explore their ideas of emotional intelligence. Teresa travels quite often to both East & West Coasts in the USA, including Hawaii, as well as going to Europe & Asia now & then.. Be sure to follow this blog as well as joining our mailing list.