Making Love to Life

Whether you have a lover or are celebrate, you can make love to Life. And when you do, Life will fill you with such sublime joy. Kundalini, or our Life Force energy can manifest many ways, countless ways. We can express it sexually or professionally or having children, being an artist, serving our country, the list is truly endless.

To enjoy vibrant health, we usually need to choose wisely our diet, sleeping conditions, exercise, social life, education, entertainment, and conscious focus. Goddess Bliss is about raising your vibrational frequency to enjoy your Life more. We call it “Ecstatic Potential”. Imagine how much bliss you can allow yourself.

When you approach your day in the spirit of loving service, doing what you love as an offering to the world, you are making love with Life. When you are with a lover, you enjoy the details of your five senses; it’s similar with living Life. You can enjoy the breeze as you walk to the market, savor the flavors you eat each meal, appreciate the symphony of children’s laughter or morning birdsong.

Making Love to Life is being fully alive and appreciating your day as it unfolds. You will soon witness Life making love back to you, tickling you into greater joy by gifting you with more & more of what your heart truly wants.