Mystical Ecstasy

Mystical Ecstasy can be found in many traditions. Creating a safe space for women to enter into mystical ecstasy is such a gift. Mystical moments change brain chemistry & contribute greatly to well-being, better sleep, and a happier disposition. But many men don’t understand how to take their lover there.

Many women don’t orgasm. For some it poses no problem, mentally, emotionally or physically. For others, there is alot of distress which arises from insufficient, orgasmic experiences.

Here are some little known benefits of the female orgasm:

  • normalizes mentrual cycles
  • improves funcation of hypothalamus
  • facilitates deep relaxation to release stress
  • raises level of fertility
  • lymphatic drainage for cellular detoxification
  • provides anti-aging benefits
  • increases DHEA production to improve brain & skin health
  • strengthens immune system
  • relieves headaches
  • improves quality of sleep
  • raises energy levels in general

Studies recommend sex three times each week, in a low-stress relationship. Many adults today barely get once a month.

Mystical Ecstasy is a feeling of communing with unconditional & universal love. When a woman can tap into her mystical ecstasy, usually through extended periods of sexual arousal, or in her afterglow, from a full-body orgasm, she will feel the expanding consciousness which is well-documented from sacred, trance-like experiences.

Creating the space & time for a woman to journey in her ecstatic healing is such a gift. A woman who experiences mystical ecstasy will reciprocate such bliss in a myriad of ways to her lover and also to her family, friends, neighbors and associates. So, you see, you can create more pervasive peace on Earth learning how to please a Goddess.

“Save the world; love your worman.” – Teresa Foxworthy


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