Goddess Bliss in Carlsbad/San Diego

Join us today to learn new techniques and practice new behaviors to empower women as they create the safety they need to ask for what they want. After so many years of repression, in and out of the bedroom, we offer these workshops to help make it comfortable for women to ask for what they … Continue reading Goddess Bliss in Carlsbad/San Diego


Making Love to Life

Whether you have a lover or are celebrate, you can make love to Life. And when you do, Life will fill you with such sublime joy. Kundalini, or our Life Force energy can manifest many ways, countless ways. We can express it sexually or professionally or having children, being an artist, serving our country, the … Continue reading Making Love to Life

Goddess Bliss Events

Having been a Goddess Coach for many years, I also host a variety of events to the Emerging Goddess Journey, Noble Knights, and couples who are Evolving Ecstasy. Both socials & educational events are available for men and women: lectures, workshops, retreats, dinners, parties, fundraisers, hikes, water sports, travel tours, webcasts, concerts, exhibits, receptions, and … Continue reading Goddess Bliss Events

Goddess Coach

As a Goddess Coach, I help women reclaim the sacred in themselves as well as to create a Life which that deeply love. In the USA, we live in quite a masculine and cerebral culture. This can be difficult for individuals who are more emotional or heart centered. My coaching programs are simple yet powerfull; … Continue reading Goddess Coach