Goddess Links

To help you cultivate more meaninful conversations in your life and with your Goddess Coach, here are links for Teresa’s various programs. CLICK on any link below:

Alchemy of Attraction: Mastering Male-Female Dynamics

Angels Rising: Advanced Techniques for Spiritual Lovers

Ascension Pathways: Waking Up as a Spiritual Being

Culitvating Yin Essence: Your Feminine Radiance

Eagle Medicine Women: Leadership Training for Women

Evolving the Masculine: Life Coach for Men

Female Led Tantra: Dancing with the Mystical Feminine

Goddess Emporium: Gifts for the Goddess

Goddess Rising: Raising the Status of Women

Goddess Worship Handbook: How to Please a Goddess

Horoscope Compatibility: Astrology for Relationship Goals

How to Be Chivalrous: Social Etiquette Between Genders

How To Teach a Man to Honor You

The Living Heart Institute: Counseling for Sensitive Souls

Love & Spirituality: Ancient Secrets for Modern Lovers

Goddess Retreats for Women 

Romantic Paradigms: Fantasies & Fetishes