Her Story

When I was a little girl, I had angelic experiences. As I got older, there seemed to be a huge gap between my inner world and outer reality. By the time I got to college, I was having a major spiritual awakening. I went to an astrology who told me I should study Tantra Yoga, given my birth chart. So I did. I had been teaching Hatha Yoga since I was 17, studying that since I was 9, so it all seemed like a natural progression.

After a work-related injury provided a substantial amount of contemplative time, I began exploring women’s studies, having been disillusioned by how my employer responded to my serious injury. I began learning about male-female dynamics, the variety of meditation in diverse cultures, and of course, healing from the inside out. Once I was better, I began teaching what I’d been learning.

Today, it’s now been 20 years since I began leading workshops, teaching yoga, and helping men and women cross the gender gap. Mastering Male-Female Dynamics is one of the most popular topics, regardless of age. As a Dating Coach, I still offer coaching by phone programs to singles & couples. This journey of mine is analagous to the journey of the hero, as Joseph Campbell describs it.

Each of us must learn to speak our truth from the heart, and be willing to hear one another’s truth. Women seem a bit more complex than men, as everyone says, but underneath, we all want to love and be loved. Nevertheless, women often need more time to feel what is happening in and around them. Men usually want to please their wife or girlfriend, but often don’t know how.

GODDESS BLISS YOGA is a practice for men and women to learn how to care for each other. When one person is not feeling fulfilled, the relationship begins to break down. You are wise to re-evaluate your relationship goals periodcially to see where you can improve the quality of yoru Love Life. As women begin to feel safer to explore their intrinsic bliss, they are more usually more giving.

Teach a man to honor you, ladies.  Men, evolving the masculine is imperative today. Learn how to please a woman, girlfriend, wife, or goddess. You will be creating Heaven on Earth. And this includes understanding her Love Languages, finding out where she needs help most in her life or in your home, and improving your communication skills in the area of money, leisure time, domestic chores, intimacy, and your life direction.

Putting your best forward is making this world a better place. Being part of the solution in today’s chaotic world means personal evolution, accountability, patience, and cooperation. What are your biggest relationship goals now? What sort of support do you need to create your vision of Love? Teresa is available by phone to help you.


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