How to Please a Goddess

GODDESS BLISS YOGA is inspired by the women in every country who long for safety in their homes & neighborhoods; safety to speak up for what they want.

With over 20 years professional experience as a Dating & Relationship Coach, Teresa Foxworthy has created these programs for men, women, singles & couples who are ready to learn better communication skills, relationship dynamics, and celebrate the Sacred Feminine.

The results are extraordinary.

Today, our world is undergoing an exponnential leap in human consciousness. More than EVER before, the injustice of oppression against women, people of color, and the economicallly challenged are being addressed. We are clearing the shadows of the collective unconscious which has perpetrated do much pain and frustration.

There’s a reason why we have such a high divorce rate, why men are afraid to be forthright, why women give mixed messages, and why children suffer from adults’ immaturity all too often.

But we can change this!

Education is the key!

Weekly sessions make all the difference!

From high school or even before, boys and girls need to learn about the difference between masculine & feminine sensibilities. This is why gender-segregated schools prove more effective for both males & females.

But where does social education come from?

This is why I put this program together. It is the most advanced course I offer, because it requires that YOU already have a consciousness which can appreciate the opposite sex and what is important to them. YOU already have the consciousness to want a HIGHER LOVE. YOU already have the communication skills to dive deep into EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL intimacy, which will elevate your Love Life to a transcendental realm of sublime ecstasy.

First, there is Waking Up as a Spiritual Being, Creating Sacred Space, Active Listening, Authentic Self-Expression, Dating for Keeps, Evolving the Masculine, Loving the Feminine, Relationship as Spiritual Practice, Mastering Male-Female Dynamic, Goddess Rising, and the Yoga of Love Relationships.

Once you are in tune with YOUR heart & soul, you are then ready to dive into BLISS with another. But, not so fast…

What does “sacred feminine” or “divine feminine” mean?

How do we honor the “divine masculine”?

We live in a man’s world, it’s been said, since thousands of years now. In ancient times, matriarchal socieites were more prevelant. Today, people discuss gender labels not being helpful for relationship success. However, there is a fascinating journey which both men and women can travel, which opens up their understanding of the Universe, for a more fulfilling Life.

Our philosophy here is to empower women to explore their ecstatic potential, in and out of the bedroom. Too often, women find it challenging to relax into their bodies and their pleasure because of tendencies for men to rush and finish quickly. But this makes Life interesting, doesn’t it? Sometimes women do want “a quickie”, but for more enlightening, orgasmic meditations, women need an environment conducive to their sensibilities.

When men can relax and go into a woman’s meditation, he usually finds it rather profound. They often report feeing a transcental experience, far greater than any orgasm. And when women can explore their deepest feelings and savor the journey into their orgasmic potential, and out through their orgasmic aftrglow, there is a cosmic union between partners which strengthens their commitment to each other, making their Love unforgettable, at best.

The tenderness and sensivity, the freedom and suspension from disbelief which is necessary often catapults one into wisdom-seeking conversations. This why Teresa has created this program for both singles & couples, men and women.


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