Goddess Bliss Yoga


GODDESS BLISS YOGA is a Life Coaching program for men and women.

As a relationship coach for over 20 years, working mostly with senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, I’ve studied the meaning of Life and what wealth can and cannot do for you.

The sweetest Gift in Life is Love!

So many have material wealth, but are spiritually & emotionally dead or dying. They yearn for meaning & personal fulfillment. But you cannot just put a band-aid on something like that. One night stands won’t fix it. But this is something which will.

Men learning how to honor the feminine and please a goddess for more fulfilling love relationships; these men report the greatest satisfaction in Life.

And women! Women who learn to honor themselves & their precious feminine sensibilities, discover the charming enchantment of a more fulfilling Love life.

Everyone who has worked with me and followed my advice is still happily married, even these decade later. This is because I focus on personal growth & spiritual development.

When we cultivate a sacred space at home & in our hearts, we flourish.

Included in this coaching program are phone or Skype sessions, home study coursework, & rejuvenating retreats. Members enjoy discounts on all products & services.

These are lifestyle products, available at an additional cost, are in our Goddess Emporium.



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